I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 26

Chapter 13: Do You Wish to Rebel? [Page 2/2]

Bian Gu felt aggrieved and rushed to a corner of the wall to lie down, contributing +15 points in his distress.

Remainingsweet potatoes were eaten by Luo Yin You in small bites, half for herself and half forcibly shared with Bian Gu.

They managed to finish them off!

【Bian Gu feels wronged to the point of explosion, +20 points】

This scene shocked both Wen Dong and Chuixue, but clearly, both had misunderstood the situation, and the emotionally rich Chuixue even had her eyes well up with tears.

Chuixue: “Young Miss must have suffered hardships outside! She can even eat these unpalatable sweet potatoes!”

Wen Dong: “Young Miss, I’ll go make you a bowl of braised pork; please stop eating these sweet potatoes.”

As they spoke, they contributed hundreds of points.

Luo Yin You: “…”

Can points be earned like this?

Wen Dong and Chuixue, you two are awesome!

As for the problem of the sweet potatoes being unpalatable, she just wanted to get used to them in advance.

After learning the origin of these modified sweet potatoes, Luo Yin You became even more convinced of Ye Ci’s rebellious heart—clearly preparing for the human-wave tactics!

In case the rebellion fails, she would surely be implicated and may need to flee with him; life would definitely be miserable then.


She just recognized a cowboy as a father figure, and turns out this father’s thoughts are far from pure.

The remaining sweet potatoes were all roasted by Luo Yin You, then forcefully stuffed into Bian Gu’s mouth.

You need to get used to them too!

【Bian Gu strongly refuses, +30 points】

In the evening, Ye Ci walked toward the burnt-down cabin. The once distinctive house was now nothing more than a pile of ashes.

Behind his mask, his expression showed a hint of puzzlement. Could it really have burned down to this in just half an hour?

That’s not possible!

Moreover, Bian Gu’s fur couldn’t be burned by ordinary fire, but it ended up completely charred.

Clearly, it wasn’t just any ordinary fire.

This fire incident didn’t seem as simple as it appeared on the surface.

Ye Ci stepped into the center of the ashes, finding the area around him cleared of debris, leaving only an unburned copper kettle and brazier.

Since these two items were his, his subordinates did not dare to deal with them casually.

He was startled upon seeing the brazier. There was no charcoal in the copper vessel, yet a small flame continued to burn.

The flame was only the size of a thumb, lonely in the center of the brazier, constantly radiating heat.

Evidently, this was no ordinary flame; it was not affected by the surrounding sub-zero temperature and didn’t require any fuel to sustain it.

This was an eternal flame!

【Ye Ci experiences an emotional fluctuation, +1 point】

He remembered that Bian Gu brought Luo Yin You home nearly frozen.

Because no one lived in the small cabin, it was frozen both inside and out all year round; ordinary charcoal couldn’t quickly warm it up, so he used a small clump of eternal flame to warm them both.

The eternal flame cannot be extinguished, and when it comes into contact with normal items, it ignites them swiftly, which is why only the kettle and brazier remained unburned.

Alright, the culprit has been found—it was his own doing.

Chapter 13: Do You Wish to Rebel? [Page 2/2]

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