I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 25

Chapter 13: Are You Planning a Rebellion? [1/2 Page]

When the two of them arrived at the living area, the atmosphere changed immediately.

The martial zone was full of soldiers, clad in fine gear, with an air of solemnity.

Tens of thousands of people were constantly training or studying military tactics, under strict management and military discipline. Every soldier exuded a powerful aura of lethality.

By contrast, the living area was the complete opposite. It was apparent that most of its inhabitants came from refugee backgrounds. No matter how clean they were or how fine the clothes they changed into, their faces still unconsciously bore a look of panic and servility.

These were things that couldn’t be changed in a short while.

As soon as Luo Yin arrived, she drew a crowd. People surged around her in a noisy throng.

“Is this the young lady officer?”

“The children from the barracks were all uniformly taken to Lin State; who else could she be but the young lady officer?”

“The young lady officer is so pretty!”

“In all my years of wandering, I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl!”

“The young lady officer’s hairstyle is so trendy! I’ve never seen it before!”

“If the young lady officer doesn’t mind, may I roast a sweet potato for you?”

Everyone was too enthusiastic, chattering all at once that Luo Yin found it hard to speak.

She noticed that these people were all busy with work; some were digging foundations, some were sewing and mending, and there were even those forging weapons.

In other words, the barracks provided the refugees with food and shelter, while the refugees offered basic construction and labor in return.

The existence of the Nocturnal Army followed by the barracks raised some doubts in her mind.

Recalling the map of the Imperial City she had seen in the study, detailed to the extent that even the number of tunnels inside the imperial palace was clearly marked.


Could it be that Ye Ci is thinking of rebelling?

Surrounded by the bustling crowd, Luo Yin struggled to stretch out her hand.

The crowd: “???”

Luo Yin: “What about the roasted sweet potato we talked about?”

Her score started a new round of increase!

After wandering around the living area, Luo Yin garnered a basket of sweet potatoes, a basin of dough pieces, a bag of meatballs…

A small part she kept in her arms, and the rest she let Bian Gu carry.

Returning to the stone hut with a large pile of food, Wen Dong and Chui Xue were stunned.

They were astonished by her hairstyle, and then by the things in her arms.

Wen Dong stared at the top of Luo Yin’s head for several moments before speaking: “The young lady officer is quite popular, isn’t she!”

Chui Xue: “But why did they give their own food to the young lady officer? With her noble status…”

The two of them were somewhat at a loss.

Luo Yin, with her explosively styled hair, took a roasted sweet potato, warmed it up on the stove, and bit into it.

Damn! I wasn’t careful!

The texture was tough, dry, and even astringent, with no sweetness at all, worse than the pot of dry meat powder she had eaten in the snow.

Wen Dong: “This sweet potato is a brand-new variety cultivated by several elders on the back mountain. It has a high yield, strong satiety, but the taste isn’t great. The refugees who can’t afford food plant this to eat.”

Curious, Bian Gu came over to try a bite and almost spat it out because it was so unpalatable!

Luo Yin was quick to act, grabbing Bian Gu’s chin, lifting forcefully, and making him swallow it down.

Chapter 13: Are You Planning a Rebellion? [1/2 Page]

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