I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 108

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 54: Guess? [2/2 pages]

Could it be Youhu Zhi who’s bullying Li Xinyuan?

That would be hilarious!

Continuing on, the text talks about Li Xinyuan’s talent.

He turns out to be a rare wind attribute cultivator, and he had his own life-soul weapon while in the Earth Martial Realm.

It’s that big bow!

He excels at using his qi to shape and shoot wind arrows!

Luoyin You watched with excitement as Ye Ci had previously explained the various categories of cultivation to her.

Cultivation is difficult, and just the basic condition of being able to cultivate eliminates a lot of people. Among those who have the talent to cultivate, the most common and numerous are body cultivators, like Youhu Zhi, as almost everyone starts their cultivation journey from body cultivation.

But as the cultivation deepens and the realms gradually advance.

Cultivators gradually split into two types, one type continues to be body cultivators, endlessly strengthening their physique, accounting for the vast majority.

The remaining small portion is impressive; they will awaken a life-soul at a certain moment.

A life-soul might be a weapon, or it may be one of the attributes like metal, wood, water, fire, or earth.

Someone like Li Xinyuan, who has awakened a weapon life-soul and also possesses the wind attribute, is so rare that they can be considered chosen by heaven!

Reading this made Luoyin You’s emotions surge, and she could even imagine how powerful General Li’s future would be.

Unfortunately, the next sentence in the evaluation was:

Li Xinyuan has outstanding talent but extremely low comprehension. To date, he has not been able to improve his life-soul weapon, and his wind attribute sensitivity is inconsistent!

Luoyin You: “???”

Talk about low comprehension…


With a mix of complex emotions, Luoyin You flipped open the last manual.

It was about Yan Fu Tong.

Yan Fu Tong was the person Luoyin You was most curious about, as the second princess, a great general, and the female lead of a script that reaches the Xuanwu Realm overnight – she must have many secrets, right?

But unexpectedly, when she opened the manual, there were only two words written:



Luoyin You slammed the manual onto the desk, smashing it!

Damn your “Guess!”

Her intense curiosity was triggered, and you dismiss it with just the two words “Guess?”

Sure enough, all these things were deliberately left behind by Ye Ci!

Dog Ye Ci!

In a snowy mountain valley.

The Blade Eagle was happily flying, trying to escape the area as fast as possible.

But to its surprise, as it was flying, it began losing control and could not stay aloft despite flapping its wings.

Eventually, it could only watch as it landed on the ground helplessly.

In front of it stood a man in white clothes, wearing an incredibly ugly mask.

Standing proudly between heaven and earth, like a sovereign.

When the Blade Eagle saw Ye Ci, it immediately puffed up in fear!

It was this man, who had sealed it in the valley, who had used some strange method to prevent it from flying out.

All it could do was fight with that flame bird every day, for a whole month!

Why are you here again?

Just leave it alone!

Ye Ci said nothing, simply raised his hand, and the Blade Eagle was forcibly lifted into the air.

It wanted to struggle, but it couldn’t move at all!

What are you doing?

What are you going to do now?!

The next second, Ye Ci flicked his finger.


The Blade Eagle was instantly shot out like a large cannonball toward the distance!

Soon, it felt itself crashing into a soft membrane, and the force that propelled it stopped.

The eagle opened its eyes and saw a huge flame bird sprawled out in front of it.

The two beasts lay face to face and saw the despair in each other’s eyes.

The familiar valley, the familiar archenemy.

Trapped again!

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