I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 107

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 54: Guess What? [Page 1/2]

Luo Yin’ao marveled at the strength of Li Xinyuan and You Huzhi, as well as the formidable power of the two armies.

In just half a day’s time, the sneak attack that the Han Liao nation secretly prepared for who knows how long resulted in the death of forty thousand out of their fifty thousand invading troops!

Luo Yin’ao wondered about the situation at Yan Fu Children’s location.

She immediately rode towards the direction of the armoured cavalry troops.

Little did she know, after not traveling long, she encountered the imposing army of heavy cavalry approaching.

The oppressive aura of the heavy iron-clad riders was such that the ground shook beneath them!

Yan Fu Children, with a stern and fierce expression, held a great sword horizontally in her hand, as if she was ready to cleave someone in two at any moment.

Luo Yin’ao stared at her as she charged forward and asked, “General Fu, why have you come? What about the ten thousand heavy cavalry of Han Liao?”

“They’re all dead!” There were still a few drops of blood on Yan Fu Children’s face.

She swung her great sword through the air, generating a gust like a hurricane.

Luo Yin’ao was speechless, peering at the five thousand heavy cavalry behind Yan Fu Children, none of them missing.

“Bravo General Fu!”

At this moment, You Huzhi had already reorganized his troops and was hurrying back.

When the two forces met head-on, the leading subordinate generals were so shocked their eyes nearly popped out!

Yan Fu Children was the first to speak, “You Huzhi! Why are you heading back?”

You Huzhi: “Of course, because we’ve killed them all! I’m preparing to support General Li, why have you come here?”

Yan Fu Children: “I’ve killed them all too, and came to support you!”

You Huzhi: “My defense force is invincible, why would you need to support me?”

Yan Fu Children asked three questions in a row: “Do you even remember your duty is in defense? Why are you always thinking about wiping out the enemy? Why didn’t you wait for me to come over?”

You Huzhi disdainfully said: “Wait for you? If we waited any longer, they would have been dead long ago! Waiting for you… dilly-dallying, forget it!”

Yan Fu Children was furious, her great sword trembling violently in the air: “Do you know how far it is from the heavy cavalry camp to here? I rushed over for a full hour!”

You Huzhi: “I don’t care, if you didn’t come I’d have just killed them myself.”

The two argued fiercely in front of both armies, neither willing to concede, and they continued until Li Xinyuan arrived with the cavalry archers.

Li Xinyuan was confused: “Eh? What are you two doing here? Where are the remaining enemies? I came here to kill!”

Yan Fu Children: “Kill your big head ghost!”

You Huzhi: “Dilly-dallying, if we waited for you, they would have been dead long ago!”

Luo Yin’ao spoke up quietly: “Stop arguing, or it’ll be dark before you know it.”

An entire force of fifty thousand enemies was annihilated as if they were nothing, you three are truly awesome!

The three of them continued their noisy quarrel as they settled the troops and repositioned the camps, surrounding the army’s central headquarters in the snowy mountains.

Luo Yin’ao went back to the headquarters first, diving into the study to begin searching for documents.

The information about the three generals of Bu Ye Army was top secret, available only in Ye Ci’s study.

Logically, as people close to Ye Ci, such documents should not be compiled into volumes, but Luo Yin’ao found them unexpectedly, perhaps intentionally left accessible.

These documents were not only found but were also placed in a prominent spot on the desk.

The most conspicuous was the map showing the distribution of the three armies, followed by confidential details of the three generals, and then there were stacks of maps and other unusual documents.

Luo Yin’ao looked at the items on the desk, certain that they were not there before Ye Ci left, but after she took her place, everything was laid out in front of her.

It seemed like a step-by-step chess game, tempting her to get further involved.

So Ye Ci had left, but she had left a mission for her?

The first map, placed most conspically, showed the distribution of the three armies and that meteorite crater…

All these led Luo Yin’ao to suspect that Ye Ci already knew everything, intentionally letting her take charge.

Frowning, Luo Yin’ao opened the dossier on the three generals.

The first one was You Huzhi!

In his early years, You Huzhi was a street ruffian. Since the outbreak of the war between the two countries and the disappearance of his hometown, he became a wandering refugee in various towns.

He was cruel and committed all kinds of evil acts, such as murder, arson, robbery, and bullying other refugees.

In short, he was a thoroughgoing delinquent!

Luo Yin’ao was momentarily stunned by the stark transformation when thinking of the current You Huzhi.

You Huzhi was a practitioner who focused on physical training, plainly speaking, he lacked aptitude for attributes and had no talent for weaponry, leaving him to rely on his physical strength.

He excelled in a defensive formation called the Reindeer Cyclone Formation!

Luo Yin’ao’s eyes lit up, she found it!

The thing she saw today that looked like a meat grinder circular formation, its correct name was the Reindeer Cyclone Formation.

However, there was no further information or background about this formation, and the rest was just blank space.

Luo Yin’ao then quickly moved on to the next file, which was about Li Xinyuan.

Li Xinyuan, in his early years, was a refugee who was bullied by street thugs, constantly suffering from hunger and cold…

Luo Yin’ao: “???”

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