I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 106

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 53: The Best Defense is Offense [2/2 Pages]

Every defensive ring shouted their slogans, whether they were infantry or cavalry, everyone moved in unison.


Another shout.


The sound of clashing weapons was loud, accompanied by the splatter of blood from countless points.

The next second, You Huzhi’s flag in his hand whirled and spun.

The slogan changed.

“Close in!”

Defending soldiers yelled, each circle began to constrict towards the center.

Crack crack!

Luo Yin watched in person as several enemies who took the chance to enter the circles were directly crushed to death by the thick armor and weapons!

A giant windmill? A meat grinder?


The slogan shouted was deafening!

Tens of thousands of weapons swung in unison, slashing neatly.


Blood flowed everywhere, and another group of enemy soldiers died.

Following that, You Huzhi began to spin the flag in the opposite direction.



The defensive circles began to spread outwards, trampling over the corpses of the enemy as they did so, while allowing more people into the circles.

The sequence was then executed like a program.


“Close in!”


Repeatedly cycling through, expanding then contracting, while the blades kept chopping from left to right.

Ruthlessly grinding the enemy army of Han Liao Country to death!

Luo Yin was dumbstruck. This defensive system surpassed her understanding of the word ‘defense’.

Could it really be done like this?!

You Huzhi seemed to be extremely patient, waving the flag calmly without a rush, regardless of how many enemies died, he had no intention of breaking the formation to engage in direct combat.

Don’t fight, just damn crush you to death!

As time passed bit by bit, half of Han Liao Country’s twenty thousand enemy soldiers were literally ground down to death.

The huge battlefield became emptier, with some of the enemy troops beginning to wander and flee.

At this moment, You Huzhi finally commanded a different slogan. Two large flags crossed in the air, swishing as they spun.


The defensive troops shouted, and the outermost defensive rings began to move.

While turning, they moved towards the center.

The previously scattered defensive rings drew closer to each other, becoming dense, and in this manner, the battle area was halved using formations.

What followed was a sequence of ‘kill’, ‘expand’, and ‘close in’ crushing!

Those Han Liao country enemies, originally dizzy from being rotated by so many circles, couldn’t get out once they were trapped, while their own were scattered or crushed, completely passively dragged into the circles, then left to await death.

Moreover, because of the circles closing in and drawing near to each other, their heavy armor rubbing produced a scraping noise.

Just the pressure alone crushed several enemies to death!

This process lasted for several hours, until no enemy troops survived, all dead. Only then did the defensive troops disperse to their respective camps to count their losses.

Luo Yin and Bian Gu sat on the ground from beginning to end, continuously exclaiming in amazement.

They thought that Li Xinyuan’s battle was shocking enough, but what they saw at You Huzhi’s command was simply overpowered.

A defensive army could kill enemies, could you believe it?

And it was total annihilation!

No wonder You Huzhi was constantly shouting about fighting and killing; it turns out he really could kill.

Just as he said, the best defense is offense!

Chapter 53: The Best Defense is Offense [2/2 Pages]

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