I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 105

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 53: The Best Defense is Offense [1/2 pages]

At that moment, the sound of tweeting echoed from the distance.

Luo Yin looked back and saw Bian Gu standing on the hillside, calling out to her.

A lot of time had passed, and Bian Gu had finished sending people back and came to find her.

Luo Yin patted the head of the Flame Bird, and the creature immediately got the hint, carrying her to the hilltop.

Down below, Bian Gu was leaping and squealing, visibly ruffled and slightly puffed up.

Had Luo Yin not been equipped with a system that provided emotional feedback, anyone would think something serious had happened to Youhu Zhi given Bian Gu’s frantic demeanor!

Checking the system panel, she saw…

【Bian Gu is insanely jealous, +9 points】

【Bian Gu is frantic and screaming, +9 points】


This silly horse—was it actually jealous because she was riding on the Flame Bird’s back?

Just as Luo Yin got off the Flame Bird’s neck, Bian Gu dashed over to her and flopped on the ground.

Luo Yin was almost left speechless, stepping over with her short legs to sit on Bian Gu’s back.

【Bian Gu is utterly satisfied, +9 points】

Luo Yin: “…”

The Flame Bird, a massive presence standing nearby, didn’t dare move. Its eyes, filled with grievance, hinted at an inexplicable anticipation and delusion.

It was wounded, half by the Blade Eagle’s attack, and the other half from clashing with human children.

Even now, the Flame Bird couldn’t figure it out. As a powerful flying beast that cultivators would flee from, how could this human child not fear its flames and even inflict injury?

Reading its emotions, Luo Yin said, “Xiao Huo, your mission is completed. You may leave if you want.”


The Flame Bird cried out enthusiastically, spreading its wings to fly away in an instant.

It bolted as if rushing to be reincarnated, fearful that Luo Yin might change her mind.

The happiest, of course, was Bian Gu, raising its head proudly, its eyes full of smug delight.

It alone was the master’s exclusive mount; all the other lowly demonic beasts weren’t worthy!

Luo Yin patted the top of Bian Gu’s head: “Let’s go, we’ll check out the situation at Youhu Zhi’s side.”

Bian Gu: “Tweet!”

The tide of the battle was already turning. As long as Li Xin was there, the Nightless Army’s mounted archery team couldn’t lose.

Luo Yin finally understood the real meaning of ‘fierce warriors’—they truly earned their reputation!

No wonder everyone said the three fierce generals of the Nightless Army had notorious reputations; she used to think all three of them were foolish at the army headquarters…

After its body was tempered, Bian Gu’s speed had increased dramatically, now capable of shuttling Luo Yin between two battlefields, running back and forth, observing one fight then another.

Youhu Zhi’s defensive camp was situated on flat ground, where they usually trained in strength-based exercises.

However, the flat ground was now covered in blood-red, with loud cries of killing resonating.

Before they even got close, Luo Yin could hear the earth-shattering war cries, as if they were piercing the sky!


Is this supposed to be a defensive army?

Are you kidding her?

Since when did defense troops shout ‘kill’ as their war cry?!

Bian Gu hopped and skipped onto high ground. Although distant, they could see the entire battlefield.

The Blade Eagle was nowhere to be seen, having evidently chosen to flee rather than entangle further with the human child.

The first overhead view of the battlefield revealed several large circles, at least over twenty.

Luo Yin could tell they were formations at a glance, but her military knowledge was limited, and she couldn’t name them.

Tens of thousands of defense soldiers were divided into several camps, each forming a large ring.

Among them were infantry and cavalry, and she didn’t quite understand how they coordinated, but they kept forming circles and spinning continuously.

The rotating defensive circles scattered and disintegrated the incoming troops from Han Liao Country.

Youhu Zhi stood in the center of the innermost circle, perched atop a giant Yuan hoof colt, waving two large flags to command.

Han Liao’s troops, numbering 20,000, charged in only to be separated by these defense circles, then they were spun into confusion.

In short, amidst ceaseless rotation, the enemy forces were fragmented and disoriented.

Chapter 53: The Best Defense is Offense [1/2 pages]

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