I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 104

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 52: The Descent of the Divine Soldier [2/2 pages]

His muscles tensed throughout his body, and even when suspended in the air, he managed to maintain the most standard archery stance.

His gaze was calm, his sword-like eyebrows furrowed slightly, emitting an unmatched aura of solemn deadliness.

At this moment, his strength was like that of a celestial soldier descending from the heavens!

Luo Yingyao was thoroughly shaken!

Is this the power of the Xuanwu Realm? Is this the strength of the three fierce generals of the Buye Army?

General Li! I’m your die-hard fan!


The second arrow was already whistling out with immense force!

Following closely behind the first, it continued to pierce through the enemy ranks, bringing a contingent of 5,000 charge troopers from the Han Liao nation to a standstill in just one brief encounter!

Aboard the back of the flaming bird, Luo Yingyao was so excited that she whimsically plucked a flaming feather and tossed it down.

Right on cue, Li Xinyuan’s third arrow was ready.

The arrow carried the flame feather with it as it soared!

Soon, there were cries of agony below, as the enemies were struck not only by the powerful penetration but were also set ablaze!

Luo Yingyao cheered loudly.

Li Xinyuan remained calm and composed as he continued to draw his bow and shoot.

The only one in pain was the flame bird, which let out a pained scream.

You’re fighting, but why are you plucking its feathers?

Why is it suffering so much!

Li Xinyuan’s arrival was like a stabilizing anchor, boosting our morale while throwing the enemy into chaos.

How could the soldiers of the Han Liao nation comprehend what was happening? Where was the diversion they had been promised?

Moreover, under the assault of several Wind Arrows, the triangular formation of the charge troopers at the center had scattered, no longer possessing the courage to advance.

The mounted archers finally had a chance to strike back, seizing the opportunity to set up crossbows and unleashing a barrage of bolts from a distance!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Countless arrows rained down from the sky, densely packed and impenetrable.

Defeat was inevitable for the enemy troops. After breaking through one charge troop, the remaining two were poised to be dealt with.

The moment Li Xinyuan descended from the sky, they were utterly defeated!

Not to mention, he brought with him a colossal flaming beast.

Since when does the Buye Army have flying demonic beasts?

The intelligence was wrong!

After positioning Li Xinyuan at a high vantage point, Luo Yingyao navigated the flame bird at low altitude, brandishing her Bian Valley fetal hair whip and lashing it down repeatedly.

Crack! Crack, crack, crack!

The Han Liao soldiers wailed under her strikes!

She was very clear about her targets, picking on the ordinary soldiers without cultivation.

Commoner against commoner, quite fair!

But the strength she wielded was no mere whip—it was a relentless harvesting machine.

Ordinary soldiers couldn’t withstand a single blow, blood spattering on the spot!

The key was that she was hidden on the neck of the flame bird, small and mischievous, making it hard for anyone to spot her.

Soon, a ghostly tale began to circulate among the Han Liao soldiers…

“Run if you see that flame bird! The rider on its back can turn invisible!”

“Not only does the Buye Army have a flying demonic beast, but they also have an invisible monster!”


Luo Yingyao didn’t care about these stories. She only knew she was killing like mad, and her system points were skyrocketing.

Chapter 52: The Descent of the Divine Soldier [2/2 pages]

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