I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 103

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 52: Divine Weapon Descends [Page 1/2]

The Cavalry Archery Camp is situated on a higher ground near the border. The speed of the flying demonic beasts is incredibly fast—an unfurling of their wings covers a hundred meters in an instant, carrying Luo Yinrou and Li Xinyuan as they rush to the limit to arrive in time.

Li Xinyuan is fortunate to have the cultivation of the Black Tortoise Realm. Otherwise, with this scorching temperature and the windswept flight, it would have been no surprise had he met his death several times over!

Below them, the battleground is already aflame with war!

Of the fifty thousand-strong army from Han Liao, twenty thousand have come to this location.

Five thousand of them are currently charging head-on at the Nightless Army’s cavalry archers in a triangular formation.

The Cavalry Archers are divided into front and back ranks, and only a small portion of the cultivators can effortlessly shoot arrows while riding.

Most are stationed at the back row; they specialize in long-range attacks and continuously fire their crossbows one after another.

Even though Ye Ci has trained them to be as precise as machines and equipped them with the best crossbows, factors such as geographical position, field of view, and fixed points are extremely important.

The five thousand troops from Han Liao, arranged in a triangular formation, are clearly specially designated to break through the front lines!

Once the Nightless Army’s front lines are breached, the conditions for ranged shooting will no longer exist.

In addition to the main triangle formation, two more groups of five thousand soldiers each are advancing on either side, also in triangular formations, aiming to break through the Nightless Army’s defenses from the left, center, and right directions.

There are another five thousand soldiers, including a large number of infantry and agile assassins.

The infantry and assassins dress alike, the difference being that the infantry are numerous and all ordinary people, with the purpose to distract and mislead.

The assassins, on the other hand, almost all possess cultivation and navigate through the ranks, ready to seize the opportunity to step forward and harvest the lives of the Nightless Army warriors one after another!

Diverse military units, varied combat tactics, and the ultimate strategy…

This isn’t a frontal engagement against the enemy, it is a premeditated sneak attack!

The Cavalry Archers are simply not equipped for defense, and even the best training cannot fully prepare them for a surprise attack by a well-prepared enemy, putting them at a disadvantage from the beginning.

From a distance, in the air, Li Xinyuan saw this scene and promptly withdrew a huge bow from his mustard bag!

Luo Yinrou, seeing Li Xinyuan’s weapon for the first time, couldn’t help but poke her head out to observe.

The Nightless Army’s cavalry archers used crossbows, but as the leader of the archers, he was using a more traditional bow?

The bow is exceptionally large. Its material is indiscernible—it doesn’t look like metal nor wood.

Standing there, it seems to be as tall as a person, with an explosive tension in the bowstring that feels so powerful, it could shatter her skull!

However, she didn’t see any arrows.

How can one shoot without arrows?

The next second, Li Xinyuan drew the bow to its full extent.

An even more astonishing event occurred!

In his hands, qi took form, and with pure energy, he condensed an arrowhead.

This energy arrow is invisible to the naked eye; only cultivators who have stepped into the cultivation world and can perceive the different energies of the universe are aware of it—and not with their eyes, but with all their senses.

Luo Yinrou doesn’t have any cultivation, but she is naturally sensitive to energy, detecting it immediately.

And it is slightly different from how ordinary cultivators use their senses to feel; her senses seem to pick up on more details, allowing her to concentrate all the detected energies in her mind, forming an image.

Thus, Luo Yinrou could not only sense it, but she also ‘saw’ the appearance of the arrow more clearly.

The arrow is surrounded by accelerating winds, exceptionally long, more resembling a spear than an arrow.

The energy burst happened in an instant!

The energy-formed arrow shot out towards the triangular formation of the five thousand enemy troops, whistling through the air.

The energy arrow moved extremely fast, creating a sonic boom in the air and trailing a dazzling comet tail, causing intense friction and leaving behind brilliant sparks!


The arrow arrived in front of the enemy troops in an instant, striking with absolute crushing force, instantly exploding one person’s head!

The cavalry’s armor was as brittle as a chocolate cookie in the face of this energy arrow. The powerful impact of the energy arrow made it unstoppable.

Moreover, the energy concentrated around the arrow did not dissipate after exploding one person. The qi-formed state was still maintained.

Continuously penetrating, one after another—it was like skewering candied haws!

As the first energy arrow whistled through the air, Li Xinyuan had already drawn his bow fully again, ready to shoot the second arrow.

Chapter 52: Divine Weapon Descends [Page 1/2]

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