I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 102

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 51: Three Steps Ahead (Part 2 of 2)

Luoyin You gasped for breath: “Hand it over to me! Descend!”

The firebird, ablaze with flames, was an extremely rare fire attribute demon beast.

Yet, Luoyin You’s Light Feather Mystic Garment was immune to its poisonous fire. Not only did she sit on its back without an issue, but she would also occasionally twist its flesh.

The firebird admitted defeat. It obediently cooperated, following Luoyin You’s directions, not daring to deviate from her path.

Its speed in the air was absolutely faster than on land, and because of its huge body, when it flew through the sky surrounded by scorching flames, it resembled a low-flying sun.

Luoyin You’s pink clothes fluttered in the air, her expression fierce.

Wearing the pinkest of clothes, fighting the toughest of battles!

The Razor Blade Eagle and the firebird both quickly left the valley, one to the left and the other to the right, swiftly departing in different directions.

On the distant mountain peak across from them stood a figure in white, proudly poised between heaven and earth.

The wind and snow lifted the hem of his garment, fluttering it along with the cold breeze.

Ye Ci put away his finger that just released a wave of energy and watched the two flying demon beasts leave silently.

Behind him, Zhang Qingshan didn’t stop cheering: “Go for it, young miss! Well done, young miss! Fantastic! Lord Bian Gu is also amazing!”

Ye Ci turned back and scolded: “Luckily I brought you with me. With the way you dote on her, she’s going to be spoiled rotten.”

Zhang Qingshan retorted: “Spoiled? We’re doing great!”

Ye Ci smiled: “But she is smart; she noticed all the clues I left behind.”

Zhang Qingshan immediately became more polite: “That’s all thanks to your foresight, Marquis.”

Ye Ci’s eyelids twitched: “And you’re helping her stay humble?”

Zhang Qingshan bashfully said: “Our young miss is still young! I definitely have to consider more for her…”

Ye Ci: “She’s not that young!”

On the back of the firebird, Luoyin You had a strange expression as she looked at the system panel.

【Ye Ci has an emotional fluctuation, Points +1】

【Zhang Qingshan is worried sick, Points +22】

【Zhang Qingshan excitedly cheers, Points +33】

【Zhang Qingshan…】

Where did these emotional points come from?

And they all appeared during her fight with the two flying demon beasts.

Suddenly, she remembered that surge of energy—precise and powerful.

Luoyin You realized the truth, her fists clenched tightly in anger: “Damn Ye Ci!”

The firebird beneath her cried out in pain; why are you pinching its flesh again?

It was already flying at its highest speed!

Luoyin You laughed and patted the firebird’s head: “Sorry, sorry.”

But strangely, these two flying demon beasts obviously had intelligence, showing a clear distinction from the regular hoofed creatures like Qianliju.

So why didn’t they bring her any emotional points?

No, it should be said that emotional points should be displayed by humans; why did it work with Bian Gu?

Luoyin You suspected once again that Bian Gu might not be a horse at all!

Li Xinyuan rode on Qianliju, galloping across the snow, his heart racing.

Suddenly, a flaming bird flew down from the sky.

A not-so-thick rope also fell from the bird.

The rope was snow-white and shiny, with a faint silver light, quite beautiful.

But Li Xinyuan was in no mood to appreciate the rope. Startled, he immediately sought cover to hide.

A high-flying beast, why would it suddenly lower its altitude?

Especially a fire attribute demon beast with considerable intelligence.


As soon as he hid himself, Luoyin You became anxious.

In her haste, she used the rope as a whip and flung it again.


It precisely hooked onto Li Xinyuan’s waist, clinging to his armor.

Luoyin You shouted: “Xiao Huo, up!”

The firebird obediently flapped its wings and ascended, swiftly taking Li Xinyuan high up into the sky, shooting forward.

Li Xinyuan was dumbfounded; he couldn’t understand how he suddenly soared into the sky, and at such height, he didn’t dare to unhook the rope and jump down.

Luoyin You’s voice came from above: “General Li, don’t move, I’ll take you there!”

Li Xinyuan: “Young miss?!”

End of Chapter 51: Three Steps Ahead (Part 2 of 2)

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